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Little Dragon - Ritual Union (The Polish Ambassador Remix)


Not sure I heard about Little Dragon until their most recent album. I’m pretty sure it was the song Ritual Union that got me on board the bandwagon. Have not caught them live yet, but have had them on my play lists for some time now. I hit up their management, and they sent me the stems to Ritual Union.

It was a pleasure and honor to be able to remix a group that’s currently blowing up and for good reason. These musicians are way talened. This free remix comes on the heels of my Bon Iver - Perth remix. It’s another dreamy indietronica anthem, this time with a little more pep to set your day in motion on a positive note.

So, here it is. The Polish Ambassador remix of Little Dragon’s Ritual Union. This track is being released by my friends over at The Untz. They’re one of my favorite electronic music blogs. Check them out! It’s free, along with over 20 other tracks and remixes. Get this remix here, or get them all here.

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